What garments can you manufacture?

We are capable of producing a variety of leggings, tops and dresses, as well as men’s t-shirts.

What services do you offer?


We have a vast array of sewing machines from the familiar lockstitch/ overlock/ binding/ hemming to more niche piping machines etc. This allows us to facilitate a variety of styles.


We offer a commission sublimation service if you just wish to use us for sublimation printing.


We offer a commission cutting service if you just want to use us for our cutting facility. Due to the fact that we use a Gerber cutting machine, we are able to increase the efficiency of the cut costing. Computer cutting is much more efficient than manual cutting.

What is your capacity?


We can sew up to 50,000 garments per week of basic styles, however please note garment complexity has a significant impact on max output


We can cut up to 100,000 garments per week due to our 2 Gerber cutters. Please note this is number is affected by the variation in styles.


We can sublimate 5000 panels, meaning 2000 ready-made t-shirts per week

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 200 pcs

What is your lead time?

As soon as we receive the fabric and patterns, we can deliver finished goods usually within 2 weeks.

What is CMT?

CMT stands for Cut, Make, Trim and is the basis upon which a number of manufacturers operate. This allows design houses to make use of factories by providing them with all of the components needed to produce a garment. At Basic Premier, we operate both CMT as well as in house design.

Do you offer just design service?

Yes, if you just wish to make use of our design facility to help you create styles, we would be more than happy to facilitate this.


What is the starting rate?

Our initial rate begins at £7.50, the national living wage, and increases accordingly depending on you output.

What is the career progression?

At Basic Premier, we invest both time and money to ensure machine operators ae continuously trained so that they can eventually operate several machines to a very high degree, and we exclusively promote our sewing line operators from within.

What courses are offered?

We work with KTL and St. John’s ambulance to provide health awareness training as well as NVQ.

What hours of work are offered?

A typical working week involves 47 hours of work.

Do you take part time employees?

Unfortunately, we do not take on part time staff, however we do allow for part time staff if you have been with us fulltime for over 2 years

Factory closing dates for holidays?

Please note this year (2017) we will be closing for our winter break on 22nd December to 5th January.

How long is the probation period?

All new recruits will be on a 3 month probationary period, where each month they will be tested to pass onto the next month. After 3 months they will be put on a full time permanent contract.

Do I need to speak English?

All recruits must be able to communicate with staff members and be able to read the notice signs located around the factory.

Any Other Questions?

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