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Sewing Department

"We currently sew up to 160,000 units per month"

Our sewing staff has a very high skill set, they are all multi skilled machinists, enabling each machinist to operate all the various sewing machines in the department. The in house QC works closely with the sewing line supervisors and sewing manager to ensure all the production coming off the sewing machines is to the customers’ requirement. Efficiency is closely monitored enabling us to operate competitively in the UK market. Our sewing room is constantly cleaned as we endeavour to keep dust levels and garment waste to minimum. Our sewing staff has also undergone a National Vocational Qualification, all staff are at least level 2, some are at level 3. The NVQ ensures all staff are aware of the fashion and textiles trade and aware of garment inspection etc. Our machine operators are familiar with a range of garments such as hats, dresses, underwear, jackets, tops, leggings; for all sizes and genders. We can currently sew up to 45,000 garments a week and aim to reach 100,000 garments a week. All Staff are trained to pull out panels with shading issues to ensure garments meet both our standard and the customers for quality.

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